Monday, 26 August 2013

Smell that bloomed my life...!!!

Home, a place which one can even recognize with his eyes and ears closed. The smell of the ambiance is somehow dissolved in our senses. No matter what it is, whether its the aroma of food, your mother is cooking, or the scent of flowers in your garden; whether its the odor of your socks beneath your bed or the whiff of the perfume of your neighbour's daughter that enters from your room's window; when its home, we know it.

In my memory lane, there is one smell that is completely different from all these, not a great one, yet somehow it emanated the foundation of my life, or I should say a successful and happy life; and that one smell is of my father’s dedication and hard work.

My father is the best dad in this whole world, he spent his life working really hard to provide the best possible present and future to his family. He spent 18 years of his job doing up and down to various cities. When he used to come back home in the evening, I used to run inside and brought my mother's perfume and sprayed it all over, before even going closer to him. And he never said a single word but smiled and enjoyed the silly act of his naive kid. 

That fragrance of  mother's lily perfume used to overpower the stench of dirty local bus seats and dad's sweat that finally allow me to hug him and show him how much I missed him whole day. He never uttered a word against my stupid act and always embraced me with the same warmth; and I was idiot enough to repeat it on a daily basis till that day.

I was standing on the window, looking for daddy; and when I saw him, I was ready to rush inside and got the perfume ready, but before I could proceed a sudden shock and grief started prevailing my heart. Daddy was bleeding and Mr. Sharma our neighbour, was escorting him. Daddy's left leg was hurt badly. Tears started flowing out of my eyes and my heart started aching. I was completely glued to the place where I was standing. My daddy is my everything, I can never imagine him getting hurt. His leg was bleeding heavily and I could even smell the blood.

Within minutes everyone in the house was gathered around him. Doctor was called, he did the dressing and assured that there was nothing to worry. I was standing far away, crying silently, staring at the bandage and trying to feel the pain my daddy was going through, when he noticed his daughter and opened his arms to welcome me for our routine hug. I started walking toward him with my head down, and when I reached he softly said, "Britannia where is the perfume today? I'm smelling very bad." I looked into his eyes,busted into a loud cry and hugged him like never before.

That day I smelled no bus seats, no sweat, it was just my daddy, my very first love and his love for me. Daddy told us that some heavy metal stuff fell on his leg while he was getting off the bus. That very day I realized what I used to cover was not those foul smells but my daddy's hard work and struggle to keep his family prosper. That was the day when I decided I would work hard, so that daddy don't need to travel in those lousy vehicles. That day I decided I will give everything to him that he sacrificed for us. From that day I never used the perfume on daddy, and always appreciated hugging him with the fragrance of his love and hard work, that is no longer a foul smell for his kiddo, who had just grown up.

This is the most important nostalgia in my memory lane. It not only made me realize how hard my dad was and still is working but also that now I too have responsibilities toward him. Daddy I love you more than anything else, and one day your Britannia will make you proud.

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After 66 years of our Independence and thousands of years of Asian civilization, we keep trumpeting about our culture, prosperity and brain. But where do we actually stand??? Are we really thriving in right direction??? Here is an amazing write-up from my friend Mr. Ankit Gupta , throwing light on his idea for the inoculation of Asia.

People get retire from work at 66 but our nation need to start their work in the benefit of frontier-split people. After 66 years of Independence Day, our nation is surrounded by affairs of neighbours, scuffles between marginalized religious groups. China, our neighbour is flexing his frontiers and economy and military spending is ratcheting upwards every year, same for North Korea and Japan.

World says 21 century will be the Asian century; Asia will become a central to the world economy and geopolitics. But for Asians, rain has become unpredictable as in India and Pakistan already, which may results into famines and this starvation can provoke large conflicts over storage, rivers and watersheds. Even we Asian could be drenched along with inundated lands as sea level rising is already a prior concern for us. This can start a showbiz of gargantuan and unprecedented migration of people towards urban areas. Unraveling the problem of great slum expansion, great inequality will be an impossible task of regime of humans. It’s a time to reconcile ourselves to safe Asia from these prickly situations. Only change in rhetoric will mitigate the feeling of differences. Instead of relentless demeanor of drumbeating of nationalism, morality pertaining to Asian interest is needed.

We might start with visa free travels, expansion of railway and highways network, reduction of legal differences between resident and non-resident.Electricity gets cut off every next hour; taps are still not fit for drinking water. I hope for a happier INDEPENDENCE DAY with high expectations of a better tomorrow.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Silent Sacrifice...!!!

“Why mom always does this? Why she always makes it harder for us?” wailed Adam, exploring the noodles with his fork like his answers were hidden somewhere in the plate.

Adam, son you know this is not true, she always loves us more than her life…” consoled David, Adam’s father.

No, she doesn’t and she never did, if she had ever loved me and you, she wouldn’t have done, what she did, that was mean, very mean, and I will never forgive her.” said Adam, brushing his tears away.

Son, I don’t know how to make you understand this. That decision…., son I know she loved you like anything, and nothing can ever change this, how could she imagine herself not being with you.”

No it’s all a lie, if she loves me ask her to come back, ask her to be with me, help me in my studies, and ask her to take her decision back, not possible right? I don’t know dad, and I even don’t want to understand a little bit of this crap, if she haven’t been so mean, she might be probably eating dinner with us. But now look, we are alone. And it’s all because of her and she will never be forgiven by me. Tomorrow when I will leave this city, I will leave all her memories behind…

David was startled by Adam’s reaction, Adam used to love her mother more than anything and now, all that love has taken the face of rage and hatred. He thought maybe it’s probably for the best, may be this will help him to forget her mother, as he himself was numb and devastated and was not in state to tackle his furious teenage son. He tried to straighten out the things for Adam on the way back home, but he inserted his earphones and completely ignored what his father was conceding.

Ooh Suzen what did you do?” murmured David to himself.

Although I can’t listen to them, but they are my son and my husband, I can tell their whole day story on their first knock at the door. I know I made some hard decisions in last few days and I even don’t expect them to forgive me. I just wish someday, they understand why I choose this.” said the lady to herself who was sitting in a parked car outside the diner watching the two men talking through the window.

I just wish they don’t hate me forever. No they can’t I know. My son could be angry but he can never hate me and my hubby, my love of life, who made me believe in myself, who loved me unconditionally till the end and yet never demanded anything in return. Still I had no choice. Tomorrow Adam is leaving this city forever and I don’t want to miss any single chance to have a glance of my son.”  Tears rolled down her eyes. “Please forgive me David; please forgive me for leaving you with this quagmire

The door unlocks.

“Dad I’m going upstairs, I need to pack my bag.”

“Okay son, good night. I’ll be sleeping here tonight.”

“Why? Why not in your room? ”

“No son, that room daunts me. It’s full of Suzen’s memories. I can’t, at-least not today.”

“Okay Dad, good night.”

Adam was proceeding toward his room, when his mother’s jewellery box attracted his attention. It was an antique musical jewellery box, that she loved a-lot. Adam touched it, and all his childhood reminiscences started dancing in front of his eyes. He put the box in its place and turned around.

He was amazed by seeing the state of the room. Things were on floor, shelf was open and everything was like some sort of storm had passed through the place.

He started arranging them, reliving the memory associated with every object and finally busted into tears. He took a paper and pen and wrote, Mom room is looking nice no? FYI I arranged the things not daddy, so all credit once again goes to me and if ever you come back and need your things, they are on exact place where they used to be. But still mom, I will never forgive you. Goodbye. ” and he placed that note on the dressing table.

David was lying restless on the couch. Trying hard to get a nap, but Suzen’s thoughts were playing hide and seek with him. It was her witticism, her caring and loving nature, her innocence and her peculiarity toward her choices and decisions which made him surrender his heart to that flawless beauty. He was thinking of the day he proposed her for marriage and her strange but sweet reaction, this bought a smile on his face which was suddenly followed by a tear rolled down his right eye.

Why you did this Suzen? Why?

That night Suzen came to visit her son for the last time, both of them were sleeping, so she tried not to wake any of them up. On the way to Adam’s room, she stopped by her and read the note that Adam wrote for her. She was feeling an intense pain and grief in her heart, her eyes wanted to shed blood, her misery was at its height. But somehow she collected herself and moved toward Adam’s room.

There he was lying, calm and relax. But he might be crying in his dreams, she thought. Soon her heart started aching when she noticed the dozens of medicines and cough syrups on Adam’s table. She sat near his head and avowed, “I’m really sorry my angel. I know I left you when you needed me most, but I had no choice son. Its only and only for your sake. Please forgive me.”

Car gates locked.

So is this your final decision?” asked David with a little hope in his voice.

Yes dad, I don’t want to stay here in this city, and you know the reason. I always wanted to study in the state university, the only reason I was not going was mom, but now…

After a long silence David said, “Okay son, whatever you want. I will give you some frequent visits.

Sure dad, I would love that.” And they both smiled at each other after a long poignant time.

Adam, I have to collect some papers from the hospital, and then we will drive directly to the station.”

Sure Dad, I will come with you.”

Knock at the door.

Dr. Hofstadter, may we come in.”

O David yes come in. O look little Adam is also here. How are you kid?”

How a kid whose mother pranked him with the ugliest joke supposed to be doctor?” replied Adam imprudently.

Adam I don’t understand?” asked Dr. Hofstadter in astonishment.

She betrayed both of us, she left us when we needed her, and I will never forgive her for this.”

O Suzen I am sorry for what I’m going to do, but they need to hear this.” Doctor handed over the documents to David and asked him to see them. There were some papers, some reports and a cheque worth $ 4K.

I don’t understand this doc, what is this?”

Suzen was in severe pain David, and you know that she can’t live longer, there was an only 10% chance that she could survive for 2 3 more years, but that pain would have never left her. Still she was trying her best to get through this only for both of you and she never let you both realise how miserable her situation was.”

The day she came to know that you had spent all your money that you had saved for Adam’s studies on her treatment, she broke. Her parent’s sent this money for her treatment but she wanted this to be used for her son’s future, not to be wasted in her never ending and hopeless surgeries.”

Adam she asked to remove the ventilator not for herself but for you my child, she was ready to suffer this pain as long as you were in front of her eyes, but she can’t see you with a wrecked future son. I promised her that this will be a secret but I can’t see you hating your mother. Don’t hate her dear. She lived for you and when died it was also for you.

Till now Adam was crying his heart out. Now he realised how wrong he was. “I’m sorry mom, I’m so sorry, please come back, I’m sorry.”

Outside the doctor’s room gate.

It’s Okay my son. Don’t cry, I will always love you and now my soul can rest in peace.”  Said Suzen with eyes filled with sparkling tears.

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Thursday, 8 August 2013

The unforgettable reminiscence...!!!

I still remember the moment when my mother was scolding my little brother and proclaimed, "Learn something from your sister, she never utter a single word against our wishes, she simply follows what we ask her to do." I always believed that elders deserve respect, no matter what they do, whether he is your gardener or the milkman, or your maid, if he or she is elder, they deserve respect cause they have seen this world and life a little more than you. But my brother thinks that 'Respect is something which is earned not given upon demand.' In one way he was also true and was being honest to himself. From that very moment I anticipated that I am the one who has to obey them from the bottom of my heart, no matter what comes, what I want, and whether it is right or not.

It was our holiday vacations and we were sent to see our grandfather in a small town named Hirapur, in Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh. Its a very small town with a very few residents. Grandpaa had a big house, it was kind of a Kothi, and was much more than enough for just grandpaa to live in it. We tried to call him here in the city to live with us but he didn't want to leave grandmaa's memories which that old house yet beholds. The kothi was surrounded by a large plain area, where a cricket match could be easily played, yet no one ever attempted to do this, because of the owner's bad temper. To serve grandpaa and take care of the big house there were only two servants, Ramdulari kaki and Shambhu kaka, the old couple has devoted their lives to serve their master with full loyalty and honesty.

One day I noticed that they brought with them a kid of 12 or 13 years, which they left outside to play in the corridor and the ground. He used to sit in the chair for few hours, doing something in his rough notebook, which had no cover at all. Then he used to sit on or sometimes under the big banyan tree located on the northern boundary of the ground. Sometimes he draw some patterns on ground with a stick. I used to observe him all day from my room's window and had always wished to go and see what he was drawing, but I didn't as grandpaa told us not to talk to anyone outside the house, and specially the kids as they are uncontrollably mischievous. One evening when I woke up from my afternoon nap I noticed that grandpaa and my brother were not at home and kaka-kaki were busy in their usual work routine, I made up my mind and sneaked out of the house to see what that boy drew on ground. When I reached the location I was completely amazed. It was his routine from morning till bed time, and was drawn in a incredible manner, I was awestruck on seeing such talent, when I hear a voice from behind.

"Apko ye pasand aaya didi?" (Do you like it sister?)
"Haan bahut jyada, kahan se seekha tumne ye sab banaya?" (From where did you learn to draw these things?)
"Hahaha, kisi se nahi didi, maine khud hi seekh liya hai. Aap aur dekhogi?" (Hahaha, no one didi, I learned it from myself, do you wanna see more?)
He ran toward the corridor and brought his rough copy. He was a true genius. He had drawn so many stories in that rough notebook, and with such a beauty. Till then I was completely impressed by his talent.

"Ye sabhi bahut sundar hain. Tumhara naam kya hai beta?" (These all are very beautiful. What is your name kid?)
"Sundar." he uttered shyly.
"Acha Sundar, tum school kyun nahi jaate din bhar yahan kyun khelte rehte ho?" (Why don't you go to school Sundar? Why do you play here all day?)
I noticed that my question made him a little sad, though he replied, "Jaana chahta hun par maa nahi bhejti, didi ki shaadi karni hai to paise jodne hain unhe, kahti hain uske baad bhejengi." (I want to go, but my mother doesn't send me, they have to marry my sister for which they are collecting money, after that I will go.)
I was in a shock and was disappointed too. One side I was seeing the curiosity of learning things in Sundar's shining eyes, who also had a God gift of that abundant talent, that just needed to be molded in right direction, and on the other hand I was feeling my own helplessness about not being any help to him. But somehow I was determined, I have to do something for him.

I decided I would teach Sundar as much as I could and then I would show his parents what a gem they got. Next morning I tried to talk to grandpaa about this, but he refused to listen anything about Sundar. For him Sundar is nothing but a pain in ass. He totally rejected the idea of bringing Sundar inside the house, so I proposed the idea if he couldn't come in, I will go outside and teach him. Grandpaa was flabbergasted by the compassion of his 15 years old granddaughter toward Sundar, but this time I was determined, I was not ready to come back with a 'No', I explained him why I wanted to do this, I had faith in my wish, as I know this is for something really good and worth doing for, and he finally nodded his head in a yes.

Now the real test had began. I had taken a responsibility of polishing someone's life and I was determined to do my best. That whole vacation I taught Sundar as much as I could, but what he taught me was peerless. He taught me about the real life, the real struggle and suffering of mankind. He introduced me with a new gesture of love and respect. His innocent talks and question made me ponder about my own life and my own world, and as a result, at that small teenage, I came to know what I actually wanted to do in my life, and more important he kindled a faith that if you believe in yourself, if you are honest to yourself, nothing can stop you.

I don't know whether this story is about my compassion toward Sundar, or his kindness toward a literate urban girl, to whom he showed her own real world; whether it is about my respect for my elders, by not doing anything until they are convinced or his honesty toward my efforts. But for sure it is definitely the story of our integrity, whose fulcrum is our charismatic life today.

When I last met Sundar he was going through his 10th board exams, I was exultant upon his progress. He was an ideal for many kids like him, who have the zeal but lack resources. But I'm sure wherever he is, he might be creating new zenith in his life. There are so many Sundars, we see in our daily life, but we just passes by, they expect nothing from us, but just a little encouragement.

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Monday, 5 August 2013

From my crying pen #4...

When tears roll down my eyes every then and while,

You are the reason,
My wrong decision,
Your fake emotions...

I thought you loved me I gave you my heart,

You took it,
You shook it,
You played and crushed it,

I was waiting for you, thought you will come and heal,

But you all forgot,
You broke my promise knot,
Broken heart was all I got...

But time has changed, I have learned to survive,

I can fake a smile,
Don't need you within 1000 miles,
I know I was just a trail...

Sunday, 4 August 2013

"Facebook" or "No Facebook"...!!!

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Me : Please I'm begging you please don't take me with you, I'm just a 22 years kid, I haven't seen the world yet, pleaseeee.

Yumraj : What are you talking about? You have lived for 22 long years, in a house equipped with every luxury and fun; and you haven't seen the world??? What a joke? You are the number one prank master in school college as well as at home. You are the one who can easily get his hands off from the task you are not interested in, no matter after that how much more your mother have to work to finish your task.

Me : Umm..Umm..

Yumraj : I'm not over yet, so shut your mouth. Apart from all this, you are living a double life on facebook also.

Me : Double life???

Yumraj : Yes double life. Are you the same person that you have created on facebook?

Me : Umm..Umm...

Yumraj : Don't Umm...You say you are a friendly person and talk to everyone who is online whether you know them or not, but do you ever call your old friends, and ask how they are doing? You say you are caring and care hell a-lot when a girl posts a sad status, but did you ever call your old granny to ask how she is? You say you are helpful and help your friends to find a hot girl with even hotter profile picture but did you ever ask your mom and dad, do they need any help or not?

Me : Hmm...I never thought of it in this way.

Yumraj : (With a soft tone this time) Dear facebook is a medium through which you can stay in contact with all the people you care and love, this is not a part of your life which you tends to live everyday. The real world is out here, where we meet people, go out with them, talk to them face to face, drink coffee together.

Me : Hmm..I think I have lost the chance to live an actual life with my real friends. Can I make a last wish of my life sir before you take me with you?

Yumraj : Sure kid.

Me : (with my hands folded and eyes closed) O God, please make everyone realize the fact that I came to know today, please let them live an actual life.

Yumraj : (With a smile on his face) Amen.

Mom : Rishabh get up beta, its already 9 AM. Its sunday, what do you want to eat?

Me : Phew..That was a dream. Mom I'm coming, I will have egg sandwich, Ooh wait mom, we will make it together, don't start without me.
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Be kind to others, it will pay off...

Might be 65 or 70, she was carrying no bag and was wrapped in a  ‘dhooti’ . She already had asked for the metro token from two others stan...