Saturday, 24 November 2012

I Love you Maa

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Do you remember this day? It was my 5th birthday,and according to our custom I was standing for the evening pooja, ready with the plate of aarti, everyone was there, but my eyes were only looking for one person, I was looking for you. You were busy in the arrangements but all I wanted was you to leave everything and stand beside me, and finally you were there :)

Maa, you are the reason for my being able to see this world, you are the creator of my identity. The moments we shared together, can never be tied in words, whether it was the day when I said bye for the very first time I was leaving for school or my first cooking lesson, they can not be expressed in words. You taught me everything. I still remember the day I was leaving home for higher studies, I was sitting on your laps and crying that I would not be able to come back like the old days; and you said, "You are not going anywhere laado, you live in our hearts and you will stay here forever." These are the words which bless me with the courage to survive in this strange place. You made me strong enough to face every up and down in my life. You made me the person I am and I am so proud that I came to this world from your womb.

If someone compliments your daughter that is because I have inherited that quality from you maa. Today your laado is miles away from you, but she is still following everything you taught her. I love you maa, you are my best friend, my guide, my partner and my GOD. Love you maa, missing you a-lot.

- your's and only your's Aayu

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Journey With A Cute Guy...!!!

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Reader's guide : Text written in *....* is what my character is thinking or saying to herself in mind...

*Mamma's gift, check..!! Popsi's gift, check..!! Sadu's gift (my brother), check..!! toothbrush, sunscreen, face-pack....check..!! Hmm I think I am done,now I should leave..*

"Hello guard uncle,will you please open the door for me? "
"Sure sure..Going home beta?"
"Yes guard uncle..Diwali with Family...!!"
"OK beta..Take care and do not talk to strangers.OK?"
"Ooh uncle, you know that's tough for me..I can't even sit quite continuously for 10 min..and I have to travel for 8 hours."
"hahaha....Go enjoy...Happy Diwali."
"Happy Diwali to you too uncle. "

Somehow I manged to pull my heavy luggage to the main road. "Taxi Taxi..!!! Bus Stand bhaiya..." and I got in.

*Don't talk to strangers...Hmm... I used to hear this line before commencing every journey..and with the same frequency I am sincerely not following this... how could one stay quite in whole journey, Saahhh..I don't understand..But I know I can't..Hmm...*

"Bhaiya one ticket to Chhatarpur..Window seat..and don't give the next seat to any lofar..OK???"

*Finally get the seat..God knows who's gonna sit with me..Hmm.. O God please send a cute guy,with deep blue eyes so that this journey can be a real fun..!!!*

"Excuse me, is this seat number 14?" A sweet manly voice was coming out of a dashing tall and handsome male figure.

"Yes It is."
"Thanks its mine."

*O God I need a flat on  burj khalifa and a red Bugatti Please Please Please* I opened one eye and I was still in the bus not in Dubai *Shit..I should have asked for Bugatti first.hmm..But no doubt the guy is also cute..*

"Where is your destination?"
"Chhatarpur..Heard about it?"
"Yeah I had been there last month.A perfect place to visit with your and refreshing with the sweet essence of an small Indian town."
"That's good to know."

*For the very first time I am feeling proud on my birth place..Good good..He is kind of sweet..Loves greenery and small town..Hmm..*

"SO where are you going?",I asked.

*Just three hours..O God how could you be so cruel..You have taken my chance of getting Bugatti and now when I met this cute guy..He is just gonna be with me for just three hours??? You are so....*

"OK.That's a nice place too with lots of historic importance.", I replied.
"Ooh ..You have a lovely voice, do you sing?"
"Hahaha...No I am just a bathroom singer, Thanks."

*O God his eyes are killing..I can't stop staring at them.. Why you stopped cute guy? Tell me.. are you single? Do you sing? DO you dance? Do you believe in Love at first sight?....*

"Hey, Do you like Lays?"
"Yeah I do."
 He took out a large pack of American creamy onion (My favorite).
"This one is my favorite."

*O look our choices are also same.. So he is cute, he is sweet and he love lays...Hmm...I am liking this...I wish I can read what he is thinking..*

"So are you single?"
"Ahem Ahem...what...I mean yes I am single..and you?"
"Me too..My mother is looking out girls for me but I wants to fall in unexpectedly..with a stranger all of love in the first meet!!!"

*O MY GOODNESS..Is he trying to flirt with me or something..Or he is serious.. His eyes..Aww... They are so real ... How he could fake..Aww..I am ready to fall in love with you cute guy...*

"That's so sweet,I hope you find one soon."

And the three hours passed away like time was sliding over the butter slice..with hundreds of butterflies in my stomach and cupid flying over our heads waiting for the right time to hit the arrow..We talked about studies, future goals, jobs, our family, marriage and much more...I know its too much to talk with a stranger but that's the beauty of it...I spoke continuously for three hours..He complemented me for my voice, my being so sweet and friendly and being so talkative (he said he likes it)..and this is what I am..

"Those who have to left at Jhansi please come at the front door.",conductor shouted.

"Looks like I have to leave now."

*No No please don't go, I have so many questions still left..Don't go.*

"Hmm..I guess..", I said by keeping my emotions aside.
"So can I have your number?"

*Mom... Dad... can I give this cute guy my number????? He could be your future son-in-law pleaseeeee, Simmi if mamma get to know this she will kill you..hmm..yeah*

"That's OK,I understand..Now I should leave... Hey I am coming back on 16th in the same bus on the same seat, can I expect a sweet talkative angel to meet me then?"

*Aaaaaaaaaa.....He wants to meet me,He wants to meet me...O God you are superb...*
*Blushing blushing blushing...*

"Yeah she will come.I promise."

I was overwhelming with joy, so these were the only words that came out.

"OK, see you soon angel.Happy Diwali."
"Happy Diwali to you too."

*O God He is going..why is it too tough to say good bye to you cute guy....cute guy...?????What the hell?????????? O shit..!!!!!! Simmi how could you be so stupid.. You forget to ask his name... Damn....You are an Idiot.*

 I tried to open the window but it was locked. So I ran toward the door.

"Hey hey cute guy...What is your name?????"
He was almost in the cab. He turned around while I got to see his killing eyes once more and said "CUTE GUY.."

I came back on my seat, with his image in my heart,an everlasting blush on my face and the empty chips packet as the memory of our first meet..I sat back on my seat with closed eyes, playing back each and every piece of our conversation and now my reason to celebrate has doubled..

*O God... I don't need a Bugatti..Thank you...*

Author's note:

* Author is not going home this Diwali because of some stupid tests and she is yet to meet such cute guy.
* Thank you for reading and wish you a very happy and  prosper Diwali...Stay safe Stay healthy Stay Blessed and Let the celebration continues...

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Sunday, 21 October 2012

A page from my diary...

Date : 3 August, 2012
Time : 9:30 P.M.
Place: Gwalior

Dear Diary,
Its been an year we severed off, and you know I am still keeping my promise of staying as friends.I read it some where "If the two are still friends after breakup that means either they are still in love or they never were..." What do you think is the case with us sweet heart..??? I wish you could understand how tough it is for me... When he calls, my heart whispers  "I love you shona, I can't live without you, please come back, I miss so much..your smile your touch our time and everything.. But he never understands.. :( So I made a plan today.. I have written a poem to remind him everything.. and I am gonna call him now... Wish me luck Dear.. !!! and wait I ll be back soon... :) to tell you everything he said..

"Hiii.. You called me so late..everything OK???"
"Yeah, everything is perfect.. Hey I just wrote a poem, you wanna listen?"
"Hmm.. OK go on..."
"OK here it is...."

" Kai baar mera man 
Tumse ye puchhna chahta hai,
Kya mera udas hona
Tumhe ab bhi rulata hai...???
Jab me nahi so paati 
Kya wo ahsaas tumhe 
Ab bhi satata hai...???
Agar me khana na khaun to
Tumhara pet bhar jaata hai...???

Agar me akele bahar gai to,
Ho sakta hai kahin kho jaun,
Laut kar wapas na aaun,
Ya kisi anjane se 
Yunhi dar jaun...
Kya ye sochkar tumhara dil
Ab bhi ghabrata hai...???

Or jab me tumhare liye roti hun,
To kya aaj bhi tumhe
Pata chal jaata hai...??? "

"Wow... you are a very good poet too.. I am proud of you my dear friend..."
"............. Thank You"
"OK now I have to leave... will call you later.. keep writing, Bye..."
"K.. Bye"

Time: 9:50 P.M.

So I made a plan today.. I have written a poem to remind him everything.. and I am gonna call him now... Wish me luck Dear.. !!! and wait I ll be back soon... :) to tell you everything he said..

Shayad mujhe mere sawaaloon ka jawab mil
Wakt k sath shayad bahut kuch badal gaya...

P.S. This is just a fiction.. So don't be sad.. read and enjoy.. Thank you.. :)

Sunday, 7 October 2012

An Untold Story

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"Jab bachche the to khilone tutne par bhi rote the, aaj dil toot jane par bhi sambhal jaate hain" There is a story within each one of us which we want to share. Today I am going to tell you one of such story,that was actually once lived. It is not a fiction or just a heap of thoughts. It is a real story.. An Untold Story that needed to be told...

She choked,as she saw a guy,through the glass wall of the restaurant, fairly handsome, accompanied by a woman, fair complexion, sharp features,black eyes, unlike his, wearing a green sari with half tucked hair, his wife, she guessed. They entered the same place and occupied the seat exactly opposite to her. She tried to escape without being noticed but her glow and sweet voice didn't allow this.

As soon as she made a signal for the bill, the guy's eyes caught her's. After contending the strong winds of demur, and lack of words to greet after 4 years,they were standing in front of each other.

" Hi Varun."
" Hello Simran."

Breaking the long silence of 15 seconds, Simran said, "Its been a long time. Any special reason for coming Bangalore,  office or fun?"

Answer came from the third person who was not introduced till then. 
Shikha: We came here to visit his sister, she is expecting a baby soon.
Simran: Oh, Mini didi or Gudiya did???
This amazed the second lady, she turned toward Varun with a surprised look.
Varun: Mini didi, Simran she is Shikha, my wife...

Before he could proceed a phone rang...
Simran: Hello Sister.....Yes I am coming to pick her, on my way...Thank You Bye.(Putting the phone in her bag) I am sorry I have to leave. Nice meeting you Varun, Take care.
Varun: (With a low tone and a voice which has several questions to ask) You too take care.

Simran drove to St. Mary's Nursery school to pick up her angel, her reason to smile, her love of life, her daughter Saara..She adopted Saara two and a half year ago,she was an infant with big black beautiful eyes looking for a mother. Simran couldn't able to cease her feet from moving toward that angel and she bought her home. Simran's parents were strictly against her decision but were not able to hold their anger for more then a week.Now Saara had become an inseparable part of their lives. 

They are coming back from school in their car when all of sudden Saara asked with her soft voice, "Maa, Papa nahi aaye?"
"Nahi babu, Papa ko aane me time lageaga"

Saara smiled and started playing again leaving Simran in an awful pain. She knew that the moment is inevitable when Saara will come to know about this lie. Saara knew that her father lived in a place which is far far away and one day he will come and play with her. This was the only thing that Simran believed Saara could understood when she first asked about her father.

After driving for about 40 minutes they reached home.

Saara: Nani Nani hum aa gaye!
She ran speedily and jumped into her granny's arms. Saara's sweet face and her touch were enough to make her forgot all about her leg pain.

Simran parked the car in garage and brought Saara's school bag and bottle with her. Her mother had read  her face, but didn't say anything cause she didn't want to hurt her more by pulling the strings. She had been Simran's best friend from the day she came to this world. She supported her in every decision whether right or wrong.She tried several times to convince her for marriage but Simran remained stick to her answer that she can't, cause she is waiting for someone.

That day her wait was over.... but not in the way she dreamed it to be. With this gloomy thought she went back in memories, 6 years ago....

The day had just started, Simran,a second year engineering student,wearing white kurta and chodidar with silver bangles and a colorful notebook in hands,a bit stressed expression on face,was walking toward her coaching and trying to call a number repeatedly. "I don't know what I did this time, O God please help, Mr. Varun Sharma you are a dead man today, wait I am coming". As she entered the class room she found Varun was already sitting there, she was murmuring something all the time and didn't pay any attention in class. After the class was over she started chasing him and caught him in the basement garage.

Simra: What is going on Varun? What is your problem? What wrong I did this time? Did I say anything wrong? Any body said I did something wrong? What happened? What do you want?????

Varun: YOU...!!!

This was the only word that came out of his mouth, and which changed their lives forever.  Simran loved him from the starting of their friendship but she knew its easy to be friends rather than anything else.That entire day Simran tried to convince him that relationship will demolish their friendship too, but the only thing he was ready to settle on was to call her his official partner.So in the evening she said Yes.

The next two years of their lives were a completely different experience for both of them. They lived in a world they build for themselves. They do fight but at the end of the day they realized that they couldn't survive without talking to each other any more. Varun handed the full control of his life in the hands of a silly but still mature girl and Simran had accepted him as the guardian of her life. They used to make several promises every time they missed each other, their lives were in the deep stream of emotions.

They were so involved in that new life that they forgot everything even their parents. Their families knew all about their relationship but were not happy. Still they never said anything to them, cause they had trust in their kids and believed they would soon realize what they were doing, and it was not termed as wrong in the society they lived. But one day they were left with no options.

Varun and Simran were sitting in a restaurant, simple furniture, dim light, no music. They ordered a sandwich and a coffee but didn't want to eat a bit of it.

After a long silence, Simran said, "Are you sure you want to do this?"
Varun: We are left with no option. You know our parents will never allow this relationship. I am so sorry that I can't stand by the promises I made. But I love you and will always do. My maa has asked me a favor and I can't let her down.. ( his throat choked, he was just about to cry).

Simran: Hey, don't worry, You need not to be sorry, we decided we will never go against their wish, they  gave us birth and has every single right to take decisions for our lives, we were mean that we forgot this thing. So its Ok.. We are still friends...

They sat there for about half an hour, silently, looking each other and trying to hold tears within their eyes, like that was the last time..

In the last year of the college, they stayed as friends, although it was very tough but they were still in love and were not ready to lose each other. Staying as friends was the only option to be able to see each other.But Simran never losses hope so she decided to wait for him till the end.

By the end of the year they both were placed. How this happened they never came to know but they lost contact and were not able to find each other till that day.

A knock at the door brought her back in present. Her mother told her that its Varun, waiting for her.

She didn't want to go cause she knew she would start crying, but she gathered her courage and stepped out of her room.

Varun was alone, in the same attire that he was wearing in the restaurant. As she went near him, he said, "If you are not tired, wanna have a walk?" She looked at her mother and nodded. They moved out and started walking on the jogging track of the park in front of her house.

Simran: Howz life Varun? You are happy na???

Varun: Yes I am happy beacuse my parents are happy. They got everything and have nothing to complain about. They say its beacuse of me, so I am happy. But why are you keeping yourself imprisoned in this cage of loneliness.

Simran: Who told you this? I am completely fine. I have maa and saara with me. Had a perfect job and reputation in society, a house and everything in that I needed.

Varun: You always want a HOME not a HOUSE.. Why are you not getting married?

Tears had started making her vision unclear, she shook her head and tried to say something in her low voice but nothing came out. Varun made her sit on the bench, held her hand and said," Simmi, Being with you in those two years was the most beautiful thing that ever happened to my life,."

" I learnt alot from you, to be strong, to stand beside your family when they need you and most important to be true from heart, and I am doing the same. I still adore you and misses you so much... But dear love is not always about gaining.. sometimes you have to lose even the thing or person you love cause this is the only thing you could do"

"We get separated because that was required at that moment, our parent's happiness is all above everything, its even more important than our being happy, Move on angel, your mother loves you alot, she prays for your happiness day and night and look what you are doing with her."

"You are a wonderful girl and will have a great life ahead so Move on.."

Simran finally busted into tears like she hadn't cried for years, she hugged him tightly and whispered "Thank you...."

She rubbed her eyes like a baby and said good bye to Varun, who was the guy she loved most in her life, with lots of wishes for a brighter future.

She came back. Saara was standing at the door, they smiled and Simran took her up in her arms and rushed straight to the kitchen.

Simran: Maa, I am so sorry.. I have been the reason of sorrow for you, for so many years and you never showed me this..I am so sorry maa.. (she started crying again)

"No my darling, (by rubbing her tears away), you are my life my baby, your every tear is the reason of my sorrow.. So stop crying I can't see you like this. I don't want you to live like this, but also don't want to force you for anything. Cause I understand what you have been through."

Simarn hugged her, like she did never before, they were crying and smiling at the same time and Simran said,"I am ready maa, I am ready to do whatever you want.. I am ready to move on...

Break up and Patch ups, they are the part of everyone's life.. When any two break up they used to blame their partner, that because of them I am suffering like hell and because of them I am having this situation, but no one never ever thought if that person had never been to your life you would probably didn't ever realize what exactly love is. Love is a sacred feeling, respect it, adore it and love it.
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Thursday, 4 October 2012

From my crying pen #1...

Zindagi k panno me humne,
Khata-e-mohobbat na likhi hoti...
To aaj mahil me muskurane ka maza,
Kuch or hi hota...

Tujhe hi khuda banakar,
Ibaadat na ki hoti...
To us khuda ki inayat par bharosa,
Kuch or hi hota...

Lamho k in darakhton se,
Shikayat na ki hoti...
To bina shav bahe so jane ka maza ,
Kuch or hi hota...

Tere har waade ko,
Is dil me panah na di hoti...
To isme khwab sazane ka maza,
Kuch or hi hota...

Har jhoot ko tere sach mankar,
tabbju na di hoti...
To paak dilo ki sachchai par bharosa,
Kuch or hi hota...

Shikayat tujhse nahi,meri takdeer se hai,
Bas isne bewafaai na ki hoti...
To dhadkano k dhadkane ka maza,
Kuch or hi hota...

Thanks for reading.. :)

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Still the same???

"I wish someone told me this earlier that I will not find the same India that I had pictured from the stories of my grandma ." This line is from the mail I received this morning from my India based American friend "Suhana",who visited India for the first time. Here is the complete mail. Lets see what our country looks like from her eyes. What a visitor expects from us and what exactly we offer.

Close to heart Aayu,

Before leaving for the India we were so excited to see the wonderful Taj, the royal life of Rajasthan, Dil walon ki Dilli, so talked about Khajuraho temples and the list was endless. (Off-course meeting you was on the top). But the image that lingered in my thoughts and dreams for last several years had changed drastically. I never imagined to see my country at such a miserable node.

The culture which I used to jabber about so much is losing its essence. I never felt like that I had been to the same place about which my grandma and maa never get tired of speaking,whose culture was "Atithi Devo Bhawah". I had been through the bunch of emotions some are cheerful and some are gloomy. I got terribly happy by standing in front of Taj, I cried by seeing the miserable condition of most of the suburb, felt proud while walking through the "Amar Jawan Jyoti" and felt assaulted on most of the road trips. I wish someone told me this earlier that I will not find the same India that I  had pictured from the stories of my grandma.

I wish whenever I come back I ll find the same old India which is known for its "sweet and sour diversity, mix tadka culture and dessert of hospitality". I always feel that India got such a huge man and mind power that it can change the trend of whole world.I used to dream an India which is still holding its values and lessons left by our great leaders.

With lots of wishes to see a different India next time,cause I want to narrate the same stories to my children with which I grew up.I want them to see it as I have seen it in my dreams but unfortunately not in reality.


I was so amazed by this letter that I can't even able to accept that this is real. A girl who has never lived here understood and expects so good from us and we take the situation for granted.She only wants from us to  preserve our culture, Is this so tough? Does the situation really get this much worse? Are we losing the roots of our culture? Do we not represent the same India with which our ancestors left us? I think we all should think and ask this question to our-self . And if any of the answer is Yes and if you got a true Indian heart you will know what you need to do.
P.S. There is no such friend of mine named Suhana. These are all my thoughts. I invented her cause if any of my reader does not like or agree with the content, I can simply pass it on her. 

Please do leave a comment.. Thanks for reading.. :)

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Monday, 6 August 2012

Khooni Hastakshar..

These lines used to fill my heart with "Josh-e-Junoon" when I was a kid,the poem I can never forget in my life.Now at 20, I exactly know how this world is, but the magic of this great bead of words remains same for me.. Read and Enjoy.

Wah khoon kaho kis matlab ka jismein ubaal ka naam nahin
Wah khoon kaho kis matlab ka aa sake desh ke kaam nahin

Wah khoon kaho kis matlab ka jismein jeevan na ravani hai
Jo parvash hokar behta hai veh khoon nahin hai paani hai

Us din logon se sahi sahi khoon ki keemat pehchaani thi
Jis din subhash ne burma mein maangi unki qurbaani thi

Bole swatantrta ki khatir balidan tumhe karna hoga
Bahut jee chuke ho jag mein ab aage marna hoga

Aazaadi ke charnon me jo jaimaal chadhai jayegi
Veh suno tumhare seeshon ke phoolon se goonthi jayegi

Aazadi ka sangraam kaheen paise par khela jaata hai
Yeh sheesh katane ka sauda nange sar jhela jaata hai

Aazaadi ka itihaas kaheen kali syahi likh paati hai
Iske likhne ke liye khoon ki nadi bahai jaati hai

Bole subhash is tarah nahin baton se matlab sarta hai
Lo yeh kagaz hai kaun yahan aakar hastakshar karta hai

Isko bharne wale jan ko sarwasv samarpan karna hai
Apna tan man dhan jan jeevan mata ko arpan karna hai

Par yeh saadharan patra nahin aazadi ka parwana hai
Is par tumko apne tan ka kuchh ujjwal rakht girana hai

Wah aage aaye jiske tan mein bhartiya khoon behta hai

Wah aage aaye jo apne ko hindustani kehta hai
Wah aage aaye jo is par Khooni hastakshar karta hai

Saari janta hunkar utthi hum aate hai hum aate hain
Mata ke charnon mein yeh lo hum apna rakht chadate hain

Saahas se bade yuwak us din dekha badte hi jaate the
Chakoo churi katariyon se woh apna rakht girate the

Phir usi rakht ki syaahi mein ve apni kalam dubate the
Aazadi ke parwane par hastakshar karte jaate the

Us din taaron ne dekha hindustani vishwaas naya
Jab likha maha ranveeron ne khoon se apna itehaas naya.

(Gopal Prasad ‘Vyas’)

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Do we get the lesson...???

The last episode of "Satya Mev Jayte" was telecasted on 29 July, 2012. As usual the show was adorable. Amir Khan talked about the dreams of our freedom fighters, our Preamble, and about people who are endeavouring for an India which was dreamed by great souls like Mahatma Gandhi, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar and many others. All of us had seen the show, discussed it, criticised it once more, appreciated it; but was the show meant for this? Do we get the lesson out of it? Did we gain the courage to dream for a better India and work for this? Or we are going to follow the same quote " k bhaiya bahti Ganga me hanth dhote chalo, yahan kuch nahi badalne wala " ?

According to my survey,most of us think that problems in India persists for long because we start thinking about to resolve it when it already deepens the roots. So why don't we stand against it when it was getting started. The usual dilemma with us is that we desperately wish to move on but don't know from where to commence with. So dear friends here is your answer "Get stared with yourself".

"Be the change you want to see in the world". Start thinking about it from the very moment; are you not wasting water?, are you not adding up to the pollution? or are you not directly or indirectly being indulge in corruption? If the answer is yes then start working now; and then encourage your family to join in and finally move to the society. Ask them "not to use plastic bags, or have a rain water harvesting plant or purchase only organic fruits and vegetables". I know it sounds silly and will need your patience, but it took 60 years to worse the situation this much, then it surely will take some time to reverse the process. Ask yourself and who ever is in your contact to make a little change in their habits that will lead to a better environment. And one change leads to the other; one day you will definitely see the difference.

It was an old saying that "you will sow what you reap" but today it has become "our children will sow in future what we reap in present". So make sure you gift them a better India to cultivate their dreams, which has air to breath with no pollution, rivers with holy water not sewage and mother earth with its nutritions and nourishments not chemicals and heavy metals. Call it India , Bharat or Hindustan, it has given us life and lots of love and now its our turn to give it back. "Jai Hind, Satya Mev Jayte."

Sunday, 17 June 2012

You are my Angel Pappa..!!

Papa, Firstly Happy father's Day.. Papa today I want to tell you something that I always try to share with you, but never get the right opportunity. Papa I am in Love...

He is my first love and I will always love him. He is the most caring person I ever met in my 20 years life, he supports me in every possible way he could. Whenever I felt like I am all alone he made me realize that I am not, he is always with me,walking besides me, and if I fall he will be there to hold me but will never let me down.

Whenever I am sick or crying in pain, I don't know how but he got to know and no matter whether he is sleeping or in meeting, he calls me immediately, tell me which medicine I should take and assures me that he is beside his angel and he will be here with me soon.

With him I feel like I don't need any one else to be in my life, he makes me smile and he wipes my tears. I love him allot and sure he also do.

Papa your Britannia(papa used to call me this) is talking about you. You are my first love dad, and your baby loves you allot. Thank you papa for always being with me.. Love You, You are my Hero..

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Is 'Reservation' really working..???

I am fed off reading news about reservation,in one part of the country some are en-devouring to upgrade it in the meanwhile some other are trying to remove it from roots.

Do you really think its working? In 21st century where everyone is well aware of what they should do to get a healthy and prosper future even if the person belongs to sc/st/obc or general. Quota doesn't tell them that you should save water or should not contribute to air pollution. We all are familiar with the pro and cons of this reservation system.

In my opinion this reservation is responsible for dividing our country on the basis of religion, on the basis of caste, and on the basis of low and high in society.

We don't need any quota to upgrade the condition of are brothers and sisters,we need understanding that our country need all of us to rise and wall together. I am not saying that it was not required, yes it was. But today it has taken a face of termites who are making our country's soul paralyzed.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


When we are kids our parents used to teach us every moral thing that a kid should know and directly indirectly force us to follow those morals. I was taught that : 

1) Always speak truth (i am sure you all must have heard these words)..
2) Believe in yourself never ever depend on other, work hard and one day you will get what you want..
3) The famous Bhagwat Gita's line "Karm kiye jao phal ki chinta mat karo.."..
4) No one is big and small no one is rich and poor, we all are kids of the Almighty, we should respect everyone..

Today I am 20 and now my parents want me to follow a completely different path which they had shown me. Today they want me :

  • Not to speak complete truth in front of everyone because it can spoil my image.
  • "kaam pade to gadhe ko bhi baap banana padta hai" why should i?
  • Everytime I have to keep listening "campus selection hona chahiya, achhi job lagna chahiye.." now I am trying my best why they are making me to worry about the results.
  • Last one was a complete fake. They taught us we all are equal and when even it comes to their colleagues they call them with their caste rather then calling them with their names, even after they are sitting on the same level in office.
What the hell yaar..??? Why everything out here is so complicated? We youngsters are already very confused and mingled with life."Chhoti si jaan kya kya sambhale studies?? job?? love?? partner?? patchup?? breakups?? family?? society?? expectations??"

I am tired of all this, now there is only one solution for me "JUST DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY"- a simple fanda of life...

Be kind to others, it will pay off...

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