Monday, 12 September 2011

Speed Thrillsss But Also Killsss....

Around 1 month ago,I met with a furious accident, a cycle, a scooter and my cab were running on a lonely path to my college, all of sudden cab started rotating and all of us were almost fainted. All of them were blaming each other for the accident. In my opinion only thing that was wrong is SPEED. All the three vehicles were in extreme(at least for me now)speed. Now its my daily routine, during travelling from home to college and college to home, I keep on saying to my driver, "drive slow,drive slow" and he become used to it, he just listen and keep on moving in same speed.That accident has given birth to a fear of speed, in-spite of enjoying the wind I sit like a baby who has lost her mother.

Almost every youngster wishes to have wings for their bikes, even they dont have still they treat roads as free sky and their bikes as "Udankhatola". I still dont understand do they love all these stuffs more than their lives. When anyone meets the accident its not only that person who suffers but their family too and it also bows the seed of constant fear of meeting such accident again.

So, enjoy riding, but make it safe. Do wear helmets and drive according to the space. And trust me if once you get a chance to meet Mr.Accident(may be no one ever meet him) you will not be able to forget him, and will keep on saying "Kaash speed me na hota/hoti(ladkiyan bhi kam nahi hai aaj kal ki)...

Saturday, 10 September 2011


No doubt the youth crowd of India has turned out to be very beneficial in the latest agitation of Anna Hazare. According to a very famous saying youth has the power even to change the direction of wind, then what these corrupt politicians are? 

Youth has power to clean our country from the ghost of corruption, we can spread awareness to each and every person of our society related to health, culture, laws, or anything else they should be aware of.

It was mentioned in the blog of our former president Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam that he wants to full fill the dream of a small school girl, she wants to live in "Developed India". He cant do it alone, youth has to help him, we have to move forward.

Reading about whats going on in India, sitting and complaining that India lacks resources will not help. You are the one who can help India to become the Golden Bird again.


  • Do protest the reason doing any harm to our country's soul.
  • Aware your country people. You know they need your help.
  • India is known all over the world for its culture, preserve it, respect it, as it Deserves it..

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