Saturday, 26 August 2017

Be kind to others, it will pay off...

Might be 65 or 70, she was carrying no bag and was wrapped in a ‘dhooti’. She already had asked for the metro token from two others standing ahead of me in the queue. I had no idea why they refused. But when she approached me, and said she needed a token for tilaknagar (where she lives), I found no reason to say NO. ‘She is not asking for money, she wants to go home and it’s getting late’, I thoughtWhen it was my turn, I first asked for her token. I gave it to her and was about to turn back, when she put her hand over my head. “Bhagwaan kare tumhe kabhi kisi ki jarurat na pade. (May you never have to ask for help)” Her words and relief in voice almost brought tears in my eyes. I was so captivated in the moment that I forgot about the trailing queue. Then a voice disturbed my inner peace and ordered me to either to buy my ticket or move out of line.
Later inside metro, her words struck me. ‘May you never have to ask for help’. Was this a blessing or her pain? Is this even possible? I looked around. Everyone was dwelling in their phones, ear plugs on. These people are not friends to one another, they are not even acquainted. Still our lives are connected, aren't they? What if we all start living just for ourselves, on our own? Accidents are ignored. People eat in front of hungry children and don't care. No one gets troubled when you are crying? Horrible, isn’t it? Be kind to others, it will definitely pay off, trust me on this. It had happened with me.
I always give away my seat while travelling in metro. There is no record of any journey where I was on seat from source to destination. Yes, I do feel like that they need it more than me, but their was also a hidden greed. I used to believe that one day when I'll be travelling with my parents, someone in this Delhi crowd will stand up for them. And it happened. Yes it did. In august 2016, I was bringing them back from Akshardhaam, to Noida city center. It was crowded as hell, full of exhausted people. Whom should I ask, I quickly scanned the compartment and gasp with disappointment. Then the magic happens and 2 compassionate lad stood up and offered their seats to my parents. Just imagine the level of content I felt. May be someone had vacated seats for their family. Together we made this world a teeny tiny slightly better place. I won’t tell you what to do. Just think how your little help and compassion can change the world.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Ever since I woke up, I have been judged...

Ever since I woke up, I have been judged...

For the wake up timing, for the mumbled whining...
For the pimple on nose, for buying my own rose...
For taking shower late, for smiling at person on gate...
For the compliment I received, for the cleavage that peeped...

For the bonus I bagged, for the joke I cracked...
For partying with friends, for wearing the trends...
For being good in shape, for sexy saari I drape...
For saying no to liquor, for leaving party quicker...

For driving my car, for the one damn dent so far...
For balanced equation, for sweet sophistication...
For burping after meal, for 5 inch heel...
For making first move, for saying I disapprove...

For travelling in night, for loving twilight...
For watching game of throne, for paying my loan...
For jeans and short skirt, for reciprocating the flirt...
Phew...NO it's not gonna stop...

Ever since I woke up, I have been judged...

But neither you know me, nor do I thee...
You don't know my present or my history...
You haven't seen my struggle, a childhood full of null...
How I quenched my thirst, when the prices surged...

I ain't need permission, or prolonged discussion...
Your illogical taunt, or ridiculous flaunt...
There will be a day, you'll judge me for breathing...
I'll be the same, this promise I'm keeping...

Give me a magic wand, I'll alter the misconception...
Put you in my shoe and show you my perception..
But I'll let you do your job, get mature and grew...
I guess that's the only option and exactly what I am suppose to do...

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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Let's start over

She opened a blank notebook…


She started writing journal when she was 12 and decided that she will only write experiences that makes her happy. It was her believe that journals are another way to remember good things. As per her plan, when she will be old, she will read all her journal and will only smile. Nothing saddening. Nothing melancholy. What could possible go wrong in her life when she has a loving family, couple of extremely good friends and a wonderful life.

But life has other plans, which were not so parallel with hers’.

Her fight with her bestest friend, was the first awful thing she mentioned in it. For next two days, she did not write. When she opened it back, she ripped down all the previous pages. But promised that now nothing will go wrong.

“Bhagwaan ji, only happy memories please. Let’s start over.”

She opened her blank notebook and started again.

Second was when her father lost his job and she couldn’t apply for good colleges despite of good percentage. She was furious, not with anyone but with God. She slashed the pages again and started over with a blank notebook.

Third was when her college sports’ teacher called her to his office after school.

She started over.

Forth was when her childhood love, her best friend, left her.

She started over.

Fifth was when she was told that her performance was not good in last quarter which diminished her chances of promotion. She knew it’s not her performance but her straight forward ‘NO’.

She started over.

Sixth, when she found out that her husband is seeing someone else.

She started over.

Seventh, when her son, her only child, whom she raised alone, died in a road accident.

She started over.

Today, exactly after a year, she is diagnosed with last stage of leukemia. She again gathered herself and opened her blank notebook.

Date: 18 Sep 2016
Time: 10:25 PM
Place: Room No:4, Ward- F, Shijeevan Hospital, Noida.

Dear Life,

Let’s start over, like it’s a brand new life. With no miseries and no worries. I’m grateful to everything you have offered me.  All these experiences made me who I am and I’m proud of myself :) 

Best part about you is that you always moved on, and took me forward with you.

Let’s do this again.


Author's note: Always remember, the life you are living is also a dream of millions. You may have thousands of issues, so does everyone else. 

So never judge.  
You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth.

And keep smiling, cause whatever comes it always goes on.

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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Worshipping the Omnipresent

"Guys guys, Ganesh Chaturthi is coming. Now wherever I'll go, people will worship me. They will offer me bananas. They will vow in front of me and will ask me for blessings." Triumphed the mighty elephant.

"Chill dude! Soon after they will put you in chains. No offence dude, but you are too big. They will sit on you and will ask you to salute." commented the monkey king sardonically.

"O com'on you chip munk, can't you let me be happy with this?"

"He is not wrong and you know it." Consoled the cow. "Human does this with all of us. They consider me as the holy animal. But once I'll stop giving them milk, they will left me to starve. Only thing left for us to feed upon is rotten stuff that too packed in polythene bags."

"True. I'm telling you, these humans cannot be loyal to anyone. I am their close relative. If you don't believe me, you can match faces. Only teeny tiny difference. Look! With me they are even worse. In temples they will worship me as Hanuman and outside, they will laugh at me. Throw stuff at me. Keep us hungry for the road show."

"Can you even do anything except jumping here and there?" mocked the snake.

"Huh! Like you can juggle and jump through fire rings."

"I give them my venom to make medicines." Announced snake proudly.

"And what they do is keep you thirsty for Naagpanchmi and make you dance on that silly been."

"Well..." snake meekly curled inside it's pit.

Conversation which started on a jolly note is now turned into a monotonous chat that let them all feel pity for themselves. "Can I say something?" asked the great banyan tree hesitantly.

Everyone turned toward him with a nod.

"There is no difference in how they treat us. First they shoveled us impulsively. The research says 15.3 billion trees are chopped down every year. It also estimates that 46% of the world's trees have been cleared over the past 12,000 years. Do you think it's respect? Burning some oil lamps and tying some thread around us does not pamper us. Our life is completely dedicated for their well being, yet after 6000 years of human civilization, we are grappling for our existence."

"Now when they realized what a huge mistake they have made, they are forcing us to grow anywhere they wish. Sure we can grow wherever we find land and water, but vegetables are no longer healthy, fruits are not that much tasty and even flowers have shun their aroma. Don't take me wrong, we have not done this on our will. It's the outcome of their own chemicals they are feeding us for years."

"They did the same with my river sister. She is the source of life on this planet and look what they have done to her."

"These humans need everyone to be multitasking bro." Interrupted money king sarcastically. "She was giving them pure water to survive, to thrive, but that is not enough for them. They used her for sanitation, washing clothes, dumping garbage and now for running clean river acts. Stupid creatures. Aren't they?"

"Brother banyan, we understand your grief. But don't be angry at these ignorant creatures. They need to be pitted. They don't know what they have already lost."

"That's true. Sure they are trying to revive, but can things get better now?"

"Let's hope things get better before it's too late."

"Let's hope. This time they find 'Godliness in Greenery' and worship what exactly deserve their devotion."


We as Indians are extremely bad at future plannings. We get carried away in emotions and heat of the moment and do stuff which requires a long planning.

A small example is our street roads. In a normal Indian town, they will build the road, then after a month or two they will dig it out to put some cables. After few months they will dig it again for water line repair, then we have to wait for next government to put another layer of tar on the existing one. 

Same we do on our festivals. We get so sentimental that we forget how much we are hampering the nature. Along with dumping non-biodegradable waste in our water bodies, such celebrations also promotes rough use of our energy resources. Promotes industries such as cracker and chemicals. 

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi
We forget that God is omnipresent. I'm not saying avoid putting pandals. But invest as much is required. If you truly wants him to listen to your prayers, worship the nature, respects the greenery it offers. Love it's creatures and consider everyone equal.

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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Make it a happy ending...

The Leela's Beach, Goa
It was the last day of our Goa trip. My best trip yet. I wanted to capture every moment I lived there. Not in pictures but in memories inside my heart. This snap was taken when I was reminiscing the trip and thinking, 'so it comes to an end'.

Doesn't matter whether good or bad, everything that has a start will have to have an end. Key is to cherish it when it's good and learn when it's not that pleasant. Even the mighty sun has to set at the end of the day. But as they say, every end is a new beginning, so don't stop, not now, not here, you got a lot to do.

"Aayu, what happened? Looks like you are lost somewhere." asked my mom, entering the circle of my thoughts. Yes I went to Goa with my family, you can make fun of it, but trust me that was awesome.

"Nothing mom, just thinking, how lovely this trip is, and why this has to end? I guess good thing ends pretty soon."

"Not just good thing sweetie, the bad ends as well."

I gave her a puzzled look.

"Try to remember every important event since your childhood. Do you find everything pleasing?"

I thought for a while and said "No maa."

"But it ended, right?"

I smiled in a nod. "So maa, when one day, when this life will end, will people remember me?"

"Aayu, just stay focused on your good work and leave the rest to Him." She kissed my forehead and left me again with my thoughts. I spend few more minutes at the beach and then came back to the resort.

Now when I look at this picture, I don't just see myself indulged deep in thoughts but I try to perceive the message I understood then. I see the ocean, the mighty ocean, who must be very proud of it's power, that God has bestowed it with. Strong enough to sink anything that goes against it's current, yet gentle enough to give shelter to millions of species in it's heart. May be someday even this vast ocean will end, till then it's continuously doing it's job. So does everything else. The wind, the water, the trees, everyone. Do they expect anything in return? They don't have an actual heart yet doing everything with full of heart. Then why do we humans always expects something in return all the time. Why can't be follow the most valuable lesson that our holy book has taught, "karma karo fal ki chinta mat kro".

Like the ocean, nature has given power to all of us, it could be your ability to make someone smile or to create a huge change in someone's life. But most of us are so busy in our own miseries that we are absolutely blind to others'.

This is one of my favourite quote, "The life that you are living now, is also a dream of millions" and it's completely true. This picture urges me to get up and face whatever is standing in between me and my dreams, which is to bring a change, a better change. If I'll be able to make a single life better, I'll happily say, I have done my job. Cause when it will end one day, I'll make sure it's a happy ending. :) 

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Sunday, 31 July 2016

It's too late to ask...!!!

“Guys, what's too late now?” I popped up the question as soon as I read the WOW’s theme for this weekend to my childhood sweethearts plodding in my flat at 1'O Clock mid night.

“Just say na.”
“Too late to order pizza now.”
“Too late to call mom.”
”Dude, It’s 1 in the night bro, she will think I passed away.”
“Too late to complete the thesis which I was supposed to start last Saturday.”
“Too late to lose your virginity.”
“Cause you already have A*****e”
“I’m talking about you kiddo.”
“Oye, who kiddo?”
“You bachcha.”
“Guys guys, don’t fight. Continue.”
“Too late to kick that b*****d, who said go for engineering, has a lot of scope.”
"Too late to change Indians."
"To late to change their habits."
Silence spread for 5 seconds.
“Too late to fight over Shreya.”
“Hey, is she married now?”
“Yes dude, last year, told you na, it’s too late now.”
“It’s too late to bunk classes and spend whole day in canteen.”
“Hahaha…And it’s too late for…”

We all chuckled and this continued for an hour, in which we visited our childhood, college days and this corporate life, where no one is satisfied. Only thing that keeps us going is our friendship.

“Guys, let’s go to school.” I proposed.
“Oye, it’s 2 AM now. And it’s too late to get the parked car out.”
“Dude, I’m serious. It’s not that far, will hardly take 2 hours. Let’s go guys.”

We all exchanged looks and in exact 15 minutes we hit the road. As always, I volunteered to drive. This is the best way for me to think. When I look out, at people, homes, buildings, gardens, I see stories. Tonight we are on our way to write another unforgettable story of our lives, and best part is we all are there in it, together.

As they always say it's never too late but yes, there are few things that couldn't be done now. I cannot call my dad and say, ”Dad I’m sorry. I didn’t say it much when you were alive, but I love you, I will always do and you are my hero.” This is one of thing I wanted to do most but it’s too late now. It’s too late to love without fear. We all have ‘done that and been there’, where we loved someone so much and had our heart broken. Now every time someone comes close, they bring that fear with them. Hey, but it’s okay, life goes on and so do we. No offences no regrets. At the end we will find someone.

But I found my answer. It’s too late to feel bad for what you have done. May be you made some horrible mistakes. Everybody does. It happens but this is not the time to mourn over it. Take the ownership and mend it. Be a man or a lady. Your feeling sorry will not change it. There has to be something that can make things better. Find that thing and do it.

We took the highway and reached our school in less than 2 hours. It’s 4 now. We tried but guard didn’t let us in.

“What shall we do now?”
“Let’s go to principal’s apartment.”
“Isn’t it too early?”
And we all said in union,”Naaaah..”

We drive 5 more minutes and ring the bell for one of our favourite person in this world, Professor R K Bhatt. He was our Math’s teacher and then promoted to school principal. We 4 were best in 4 fields (Maths, English, Cricket and Chess), that’s why always well known to our school teachers. Mr. Bhatt not only gave us the best time of our life but also taught us few very important lessons of life. We had no doubt that he will not recognise us; hence he hugged us, as soon as he opened the gate.

We updated him with our lives and told him what brought us here. He laughed. A sincere, experienced laugh.

“Let me tell you what is too late for you now.”

“It’s too late to make silly mistakes, which you have made in school. For stupid decisions that can not only ruin your life but also people close to you. Too late for you to be an irresponsible citizen of this huge democracy. Too late to believe that alone you cannot make a difference, because you can. I have
seen you. I understand you guys don’t like your jobs, and you can do whatever you want anytime in life but it’s too late for you to run away from your responsibilities toward your family.”

We all were silent for few seconds, may be all of us were thinking what will be the first thing we will do after going back, something which not too late yet. Mr. Bhatt went inside to get ready and invited us to be a part of morning assembly.

We re-visited our childhood. The class rooms, mess and play ground. We stood at the last during the assembly, like we used to do. Recited the prayer, pledge and national anthem. None of us forget to append “except one” after, all Indians are my brother and sister.

“Guys, let’s take another pledge today.”
“And what’s that?”
“We will give this country at least 10 folds of what we have taken from it. It’s too late now to expect anything from it. It’s time for us to return. To see a change we have to bring it our self.”
“You guys with me in it?” I asked innocently as I was being stared open mouthed.
“And I love you guys, I just wanted to say before it’s too late, we get busy in our lives and this loses it’s essence. I seriously do.”

Before I could say any other word, they all jumped on and hugged me. I thought, It’s too late now to lose these idiots from my life.

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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Always wanted...

A parrot! A dazzling green and red parrot. I always wanted to be a parrot when I was 3. I just don't want to own it, but to be a parrot. Green and red being my favourite colours and statement from my mother that you could be anything you want, rooted this dream even harder. But pretty soon I released, it's not only impossible but implausible.

Soon I changed my ideology, got sensitive, observed people around and took a firm decision of becoming a home maker. Cause they can nap in the afternoon. And I don't have to rush anywhere, like my mother who is a working lady. I was so determined that I started to train myself from the very next day and perceived that a home maker has to cook and clean, wake and wash, bring and build, make and shake, give and take; and practice all the verbs in our grammar. (So do working but my mom always get some help, my granny never.) As a result I ascended on my journey to search for another wanted to be, where I met a lady doctor.

O yes! The glowing office, with those fancy  things, a white coat and stethoscope, through which I can clearly hear my heart beat all day long. Un-dauntingly, this is what I always wanted to be for next 10 minutes until she ordered nurse to suck blood out of my nerves. This time I was very close to choose my profession, but destiny was conspiring something else for me. 

Yes, now I'm in a age, where, "what you wanted to be?" should be answered in a profession. And my answers keep refashioning. I always wanted to be an air force fighter pilot (dropped because girls were not in combat roles in Indian air-force), a lawyer(they talk a-lot and I can talk a-lottt), a psychologist(very understanding people, I could have made a great psychologist) and a news anchor(for their fancy cum professional clothes). But someday this madness need to stop and my ambitions need to halt. So I asked, searched and re-searched and decided to be the first lady president of Republic India.

I don't want to blame anyone for my crushed dream, but yes Mrs. Patil is the culprit. May someday she want something badly and I will snatch it away from her. With a broken heart and PCM as my high school subjects I became a software engineer. But even today I'm looking for an answer to complete "I always wanted to be.....???" may be just "HAPPY" :)

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” 

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Be kind to others, it will pay off...

Might be 65 or 70, she was carrying no bag and was wrapped in a  ‘dhooti’ . She already had asked for the metro token from two others stan...